Who is the Altruistic Adventurer


¡Bienvenidos! Me llamo es Ami Jones, ¡mucho gusto!

Why Altruistic Adventurer?

This means to me a person on a journey seeking adventure, showing unselfish concern for the welfare of others.

I developed a passion for the world and all of the beauty created within it at a very young age. I am continuing that passion in many facets of my own life. I am an entrepreneur, student, adventurer, writer, blogger, avid reader, observer, listener and connector.

My roots: I was born and raised in Colorado and I fell head over heels with the outdoors and nature. I dreamt of seeing the entire world and would plaster photos of interesting people I wanted to meet and places I wanted to go, everywhere. When I was 11, I saved my allowance money and adopted a young girl through a non-profit. I developed a yearning to help people within the world that were less fortunate and now I hope to spread love here.

Me now: I am seeking to connect people that are passionate about sustainable travel (whether it be ecotourism, community tourism, green travel, geo-tourism or responsible travel) and build out our community to help create greater positive impacts within the world. In travel, I feel that we seek a sense of wanderlust or the desire to travel to understand one own’s existence. Also, in doing this we create greater understandings and cultural sensitivity in the world.

Here I hope to expose, teach, connect, inspire, share, engage and many more things. Please enjoy, thank you for reading.


Ami Jones

” your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value. . .” -B. Burg

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