Who is the Altruistic Adventurer


Salvador, Bahia, Brasil

Why the Altruistic Adventurer?

This means to me a person on a journey seeking adventure while showing unselfish concern for the welfare of others.

I developed a passion for the world and all of the beauty created within it at a very young age. I am continuing that passion in many facets of my own life. I am an adventurer, life-long student, blogger, observer, listener, entrepreneur, and connector. I work for a kick ass company, Natural Habitat Adventures, as a Destination Manager where I am allowed the creative ability to work towards this mission. I am a member of the NHA Green Team which surrounds me with an incredibly talented crew, of like-minded folks, always striving to set the bar higher. I’ve worked with programs such as US-Brazil Connect (Conexão Mundo) and Rustic Pathways to connect young people to this mission. I am a Director, of the Denver Makers Collective, in my local Denver community. This amazing community focuses on inspiring creativity within the community while supporting social enterprises and local and international non-profits. I am fueled by the good and the positive.

My roots: I was born and raised in Colorado and I fell head over heels with the outdoors and nature. I dreamt of seeing the entire world and would plaster photos of interesting people I wanted to meet and places I wanted to go, everywhere. My passion to explore the world was spurred at a young age as I thumbed through my father’s National Geographic magazines. I also supported a young girl from India with my allowance money, which was the turning point in bolstering my desire to see and experience the world beyond my own. I developed a yearning to help people within the world and now I hope to spread love here.

Me now: I am seeking to connect people that are passionate about sustainable travel and conservation and to build our community to help create greater positive impacts within the world. In travel, I feel that we seek a sense of wanderlust or the desire to travel to understand one own’s existence. Also, in doing this we create greater understandings and cultural sensitivity in the world. It is our imperative that we share that life experience with others.

Here I hope to expose, teach, connect, inspire, share, engage and many more things. Please enjoy, thank you for reading.


” your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value. . .” -B. Burg

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"To travel is to live" – H.C. Anderson

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