My new (ad)venture

Bienvenidos! I would like to personally welcome you to my blog. I am starting this blog because it is time to finally start creating intention within the world as to what my passion is and begin to pursue that passion.

Short and sweet; I have a passion for travel, culture, identities and the differences within the world that makes it such a beautiful and curious place to live. Specifically, I have fallen in love with the cultures of central and south america. I have had the opportunity to travel a little and in each one of my travels a certain feeling has continually resonated with me. Culture is being lost. This mainly felt due to globalization, capitalization, greed, tourism….many, many things. My goal with this blog is not to bash these principals but to create awareness and education within the regions of central and south america as to how we can be responsible and create change. Before too much is lost.

From this blog, I hope that I can inspire you, educate you , create awareness, give you something that you may have been searching for, create connection, entertain and awe you… and I am not entirely sure what else yet! I hope to create the bridge between our society’s fortuante lifestyle with those that are in need of our help and begin to ‘Be The Change’. That being said…

What are your personal travel experiences ? How did it change and create your reality and who you are now?