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The US Could Take a Lesson from Brazil

Now being in Brazil for almost three weeks, I have taken in many of the sights, sounds, smells and culture. Brazilians are known for their outgoing personalities and their affection with one another. They are quick to show their care and love for one another and more so, they are quick to help and most of all quick to give.

Since I have been here, I have been showered with food, presents, drawings, movies, clothing, help and love and more. Sitting back and observing my fellow americans with brazilians you can quickly tell the difference who has been acclimated to this type of living. Living to give and love. 

This is not to say that we are not like this in the states however, it seems to me that this type of genuine love and care for one another has dissipated within our culture. It can be difficult to find someone who can find the time to really listen, find the time to show you love when all you may need is a simple hug or someone that will put them self aside to help even though they may not have the moment to do so….. I challenge people that are reading this to show more affection, show more care, show more love, be quick to give and quick to help. I argue that this can only help not hinder the phenomenon of such a immensely connected yet disconnected culture that the United States has become. The US could learn a lesson from Brazil…. thoughts??Image

Is Brazil’s Middle Class Rising?

As I have begun my research and networking to learn more about Brazil before I go to work there this summer, I have been continually told “there is a large upper class and a very large low class and no middle class”. This spurred a thought. As we know Brazil has the 6th largest economy in the world and is growing rapdily so how can such a large economy have no middle class? (I also want to research and understand why this idea exsits… future blog post?)

This is not so much the truth anymore or is it? According to the recent article that I have linked, Brazil’s middle class now comprises 52% of the population. They base this off a monthly income of R$291 to R$1019 per month. However, based on the current exchange rate that is $148.33 to $519 american per month. And I have heard that it is also not so cheap to live there. So this leads me to wonder how fair and accurate their definition of middle class is and if it is better and what that means to the people?

One refeshing quote that I do take from this article reads, “It’s essential to have an environment that promotes the participation of the middle class in economic growth. For this to occur, we need productive, well-paid and low turnover jobs. We must also ensure equality in opportunities, openness to dialogue and appropriate conditions for health and safety”…. It is going to be extremely interesting to see how Brazil’s development unfolds (and I get to see it first hand this summer-will keep you posted!)

Thoughts? Have you experienced this in your travels to Brazil, what was it like?