Calling all quinoa lovers

quinoaCalling all quinoa lovers

Quinoa has been the rave in the states. And since we discovered it carries major amounts of protein and could ultimately be considered a ‘super’ food we have increased our demand for this nutritious food in copious amounts. Unfortunately, with high demand from a major economy comes loss of a staple substance for local communities. Here is a great article explaining the specifics..

Thoughts? Would you stop consuming quinoa for this purpose and if so what would be a good alternative?


Creative alternative in Perú

mlpCreative alternative in Perú

Here is an amazing company that has developed an alternate route through the Andes mountains to the ancient Incan city of Machu Picchu. There are two traditional ways to get to the beautiful city and one is the Incan trail. This trail sees 3000 people per day (and that is regulated). In other words, that’s a lot of footprints. By Mountain Lodges of Perú doing this they have integrated the local natives to help create development. For example, they have empowered and financed an elderly woman in the community to provide her jam for all of their trips. This alone has created huge impacts in her life. The lodges are run as eco-friendly as possible from technologically sound water filtration systems to well-thought out composting sites to reduce waste and over-consumption. In addition, Mountain Lodges of Perú has sponsored a local NGO, Yanapana Perú, that focuses on education for over 150 communities and help promote active development in the area.

Pretty amazing stuff. (this is a link that has a great video on their work with Yanapana)

Is this a trip that you think you would enjoy? Why?