A Journey of a Lifetime: The Great White North

I remember a time, lying on the floor of my father’s home office, curiously skimming the bright gold-colored spines of his neatly arranged National Geographic collection, “…Peru Mummies, Bombay, US National Parks, Arctic, Lichens…” and running my fingers across images of far away people, lands and species that I only dreamt existed. I knew, one day, there would be a day, I would see such things with my own eyes.

Many years and many moments of transition later, I sat in the front row of one of my favorite college courses, “Sustainable Tourism”. That day we spoke at length about a small town in the Arctic north, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. People from all over travel to this isolated corner of the world, in search of spotting one of the most powerful and beautiful creatures that still exist. Yep you guessed it, the polar bear. That day I felt all the images etched in my memory from thumbing through those pages race back into my direct, clear, view. I knew that day not only would I bear witness to this magnificent animal but I would be a part of something, something bigger.

Time went on… I continued travel and work in the southern hemisphere. Then as some would say. the stars aligned. My time with my work in Brazil felt as if it was nearing a close. Within days from returning home from the south I came across a new job opportunity and nearly 8 weeks and numerous interviews later, I landed a position with my dream company, Natural Habitat Adventures. As luck would have it, working operations on the “Polar Bear team”. Starting my new job smack dab in the middle of the 6-week polar bear season in Churchill and hopeful I would have the opportunity to travel that season, in just a couple of weeks I found myself boarding a plane to embark on an a long waited and thought about experience of a lifetime… all of the hard work, perseverance and determination paid off.

It is interesting finding yourself in a dreamlike, surreal, euphoric state living out what you thought may be the impossible, walking through the scenes of what were once only childhood dreams. Staring out the window of yet another airplane window brimming with the anticipation and excitement of what is to come, this time, the Great White North.

Stay tuned for more of the “Great White North”… Would love it if your shared your moments!




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