Our World Is Getting Smaller

Cordillera Blancas-Peru
Cordillera Blancas-Peru By: Axel Nilsson


For many travelers and especially adventure travelers to set out on a journey means to an extent disconnecting. Disconnecting from the stresses at home, from the high demand lifestyles, from ourselves, from the internet and our devices and the ability to always know exactly where we are at every moment… I will be the first to admit that this is my preference of travel. My most recent trips abroad I have left my phone in the cup holder in the car at the airport with it awaiting my forsaken return.

However, today I am writing about the benefits of our world getting smaller through this connection. We have access to the world at the tip of keyboards. I recently have taken on an internship position that partners with the Brazilian government to work with high school students teaching them English. I have already gotten to know them immensely through a private facebook page where we share all kinds of information. We also use skype and google plus to connect with one another. Right now I also have a sister in Colombia and another in Costa Rica (one mind you is 21 travelling solo) which through good ole FB I have been able to stay in touch with. I just received a message from a very good friend from Montanita, Ecuador that he made to the small surfing town. These outlets are amazing ways to make new connections and connect with the ones we love. Not to mention the occasionally fb stalking of my friends that are travelling abroad and perusing through the libraries of photos and following their journey along the way.

This has created somewhat of a conflict with me deciphering the line of disconnect and connect and questioning how much of these outlets are inhibiting us from truly running wild and free.

What is your opinion?

Photo: Taken by Axel Nilsson in the Cordillera Blancas, Peru. (a friend that has been trekking through South America for eight months.)

5 thoughts on “Our World Is Getting Smaller”

  1. I realy liked this post, it has struck a cord with me, thanks for sharing with us. When I travel i tend to leave my internet and smart phone addiction at home. I travel to escape my life and soak in all that is the country that i am in. This frustrates my family as all they want to do is follow my journey as if they were with me. So i log on every once in a while to give them an update.
    The information super highway is so intwined in our lives now it is near on impossible to escape from it for good. So these little breaks for me are so very important to my well being.
    I do agree that the internet has made connect with people so much more accessable. I follow so many of the fellow travellers i have meet and keep in touch with there adventures. This is such a great tool for us travellers. I find new and exciting places to visit all over the world from what my friends post.
    Thanks again

    1. You’re welcome and thanks for checking it out. (It is kind of ironic that you go by mykombiandi, the picture in my post is from my friends album title my kombi and i- he travelled through most of south america in a purple vw van). Enjoy the journey!

      1. Really? which pic is that? A purple VeeDub van that sounds great. My Kombi is yellow, but i guess that you can see that by my avarta thingy.

  2. I am such a social butterfly, I love to take pictures of every little and every living thing when I am on vacation. So, for me – my phone is always attached to me. Unfortunately, I haven’t been away from the world and without a signal for almost 2 years. That being said, I really enjoyed the last time I was without one. I agree that it’s a toss up because you can connect with yourself so much more without it, but by having the technology in the palm of your hand – you can share so much with the world.

    1. Thanks for sharing this, I completely agree with you. For each of us it is defining that line of when to put it down and when to share. Appreciate you taking the time to check this out 😉

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