My Confession


I find myself today sitting in an almost entirely empty computer lab with inclement weather outside that has slowly and continuously cancelled all of my events of the day so far, with which I could have spent the time elsewhere being incredibly productive… I have spent the last 45 minutes expressing my stress and frustrations to a very supportive friend that is also along for the cancellation train today. He has challenged me to write about it… so here it is.

I am currently enrolled in 22 college credit hours. I am taking 18 at my school, Metropolitan State University, of which are all upper division and another 5 with another school to prepare for a fellow program that I am working on this summer in Brazil. I am the Co-Founder of Student Startup which right now I am currently working on a massive branding project with our graphic designer on top of all of the other major things that are in progress in order for us to launch. I am a fellow with US-Brazil Connect that requires weekly assignments, communication with my students and submitting feedback on my students progress. I am running a fund-raising campaign to get me to Brazil. Oh yes and I also work… I am a humble waitress that is paying the bills in order to make all of this other stuff come to fruition. My social life thus feel non-existent at the moment. Most importantly, I am in the process of identifying and branding myself as the altruistic adventurer and where I want this venture to take me. I cannot lose site of this, this is my passion, my dream, my life. To give back, to create positive change in the world.

Whew, thank you for making it to this part of my post. Now that I have ranted about all of the beautiful things that are creating this “stress” in my life I am grateful that my friend has put me up to this challenge. It is important in life to remember that when we ask the universe to show us our purpose and honestly commit to that experience it lays it on us! Also, in this process it is important to be able to step back, out of the madness, and feel that joy, success, inspiration and beauty that is happening all around us. Because, as we all know, it is about the journey that gets us there. Thank you my friend and supporter, Brian. Hope you all are soaking in the madness.

If you all have any advice or words of inspiration that of gotten all you through challenging moments I would love it if you shared. It is our connections that feed our souls… genuinely, thank you.

4 thoughts on “My Confession”

  1. The thing that i remind myself some time is that no great life was lived without a great story. If everything was handed to you now what would your importance in life be later? All the struggle and hard work is defining you as someone who stands out from the rest, someone who is courageous enough to claim their passion! It’s not easy and there isn’t anything to say that can make it easy, but your actions are inspirational to so many people!

    1. Thank you Mike! I truly needed this today. We are in the process of creating our great stories, it is hard to fathom that someday the changes that we are creating will be talked about. “Don’t stop keep doing what you’re doing” it is

  2. ‘To thine own self be true’ is a statement that I have read, prayed over and shouted till I was blue in the face. Strive to achieve little things in a great way and great achievements will follow. I often find myself flailing in the swamp of insanity that is the way people think and behave and all I can do is keep my eyes on my spiritual balance knowing that I do little things in a great way, not for the recognition and accolades from those around me, but because I know I did the best I could. I appreciate your authenticity and honesty in this post.

    1. Thank you so much for your inspiration today. ‘To thine own self be true’ I am going to adopt this mantra. It is is getting written on the mirror tonight! Ha. Thank you this was a difficult one for me to put out today but I am grateful and this is exaclty what this cold- snowy day called for, some rejuvination and reflection.

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